Who Says You Have To Be A Beauty To Be Original?

Posted on 23 February 2012

Dear Fellow Fashionistas,

Last night the almost unthinkable happened after I settled down to check my emails. My eye was caught by a news article on something I never thought could ever happen in my lifetime! You may want to sit down and take a deep breath, but….Vivienne Westwood, yes the queen of fashion herself has completely slated current British fashion trends at London Fashion Week, apparently “People have never looked so ugly”, she goes on to say “…Conformist shoppers and cheap clothes have given society a ‘generic look’”

A bold statement! However if anyone has the right to point this out to us it’s the lady herself!

Maybe she knows something that we don’t?  Fashion and Accessories is a route that anyone can take when it comes to standing out and making a statement about themselves. At its very core what a person has decided to wear that morning is a reflection of how they were feeling. For example ‘Is today a lazy day?…Yes I will wear my comfortable slouchy top with boho wooden beaded necklace’ or ‘Today is my interview for that promotion I’ve been after forever, I want to look the business! I will go for the blouse, fitted pencil skirt no matter how tight it is! The dainty diamante necklace with matching studs’

Are we the great British public in danger of ‘blending into the background’ when it comes to fashion? The gregariousness on some of the catwalks is not always transferred onto the high streets, how can we achieve the individuality that we crave?

I have always though for those who really want to make a noise, Statement Jewellery is the way to go, deciding to wear that something different which is not considered the norm is the first step to attaining fashion nirvana. Shopping from independent and exclusive Jewellery Boutiques like madaboutjewellery.com means that you will pick up designs that are original and that not everyone in the world will have and that will look great with absolutely anything in your wardrobe!

Why not try out that pair of glamorous Swarovski Paparazzi Princess Earrings with your work outfit to give it that extra ‘wow’ factor that impresses the boss or slide that ditsy Retro style Silver Nouveau Side Tiara with that little black number on your next night out? Heck! Why not take it out with you the next time you are at the supermarket picking up your weekly groceries?

An item that I have fallen in love with is madaboutjewellery.com’s hand bands!

You cannot get more original when it comes to jewellery! I’m thinking about taking the Gold Star Hand Band for a trial run the next time I’m on my fortnightly lunch date with the girls in town. I know for a fact that it will add a much needed extra dollop of extravagance.

I’ll leave you with a quote by Bernadette Peters an American actress:

“You’ve gotta be original, because if you’re like someone else, what do they need you for?”

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