Spice Up Your Tracksuit!

Posted on 20 January 2014 | Comments Off on Spice Up Your Tracksuit!

Katy PerryFrom runway to High Street,  people are spicing up their sportswear, creating an ‘urban luxe’ feel to their outfits. It’s a key trend for Winter and it’s certainly caught on in the celeb world as well as the real world.  This sports-luxe style is a great way to dress up casual clothes such as  crop tops and leggings, tracksuits and bomber jackets to give them a distinctive urban edge.  Here are a few suggestions to glam up your street style with the help of a few MAJ accessories.

Hoop earrings
Gold jewellery has become must-have over the past year and hoop earrings are also back with a vengeance, adding instant urban edge. MAJ’s oversized gold Super Hoops,  with their dazzling rhinestone detail, make a definite style statement and really bring your outfits to life. For OTT red carpet style wear them with a chic top knot, a pair of false lashes – and the mandatory red lippy.  Which is exactly the look favoured by A-List diva, Katy Perry on the Alan Carr Chat Show, when she opted for a pair of earrings remarkably like our gold Decometric  earrings.

Chunky chains and cuffs
Also borrowed from the1990s are rocking bling chains. Worn to get you noticed and bring style and glamour to sweaters, sweats and over-sized T-shirt dresses worn with trainers, these macho accessories channel your inner street style and make an even more dramatic statement when co-ordinated with a matching bracelet or cuff, like our Chain Mail Gold or Black Arrow – in gold, of course!New Products at our shop

Liven Up Your Winter Wardrobe!

Posted on 7 January 2014 | Comments Off on Liven Up Your Winter Wardrobe!

As usual when temperatures plummet, out come our winter wardrobes and –  apart from those prepared to foot the cleaning bills for winter whites – most of us find ourselves back in blacks, greys, navy and brown.

But hey.  Not a problem.  That’s where jewellery reigns supreme.  Accessories are the perfect antidote to winter blues – and blacks.

Whether its everyday work outfits or nights on the town, adding a colourful statement piece makes all the difference.  And for instant knock-em-dead sparkle, there’s nothing lifts an outfit like a big, bold crystal brooch.  The Swarovski crystal Snow Orchid is one of our best sellers, but we’ve countless animal and flower brooches, too  Not forgetting a snazzy, jazzy pair of earrings, like the Decotastic or Black Jack earrings!

And since this season favours long or three-quarter length sleeves, you can always use the extra arm space to flaunt a dazzling or colourful fashion bangle.  The impressive Regally Ruby really rocks outfits by adding the season’s favourite colours, red and black.   The different shaped stones and shimmering rhinestones also add a bit of texture to your look, which is a key element of winter style.  And should you decide you want more of a good thing, there’s also a matching Regally Ruby necklace and earrings!

What’s in a name, again!

Posted on 6 November 2013 | Comments Off on What’s in a name, again!

Kim Kardashien with husband to be KanyeSeveral years ago, it was all the rage to wear a pendant with the initial of your first name around your neck.  These Alphabetix initials were small, cute, in chunky sterling silver and the chain went through the middle.  These subtle and utterly charming embellishments provided hours of fun as people tried to guess the name of perfect strangers passing by or sitting opposite.

Then, ever-determined to strike a pose in something different,  Madonna was papped with a big “M”.  Overnight blinging initials the size of a small dustbin lid were suspended on heavyweight faux silver chains that descended to the navel and threatened  posture – causing major concern in geneology circles that some of us might inadvertently revert to the gait of Neanderthal man!

Then just when we were all getting good at guessing what most people’s initials stood for,  fashion spoiled the game by creating nameplates.  The entire first name in blinging silver or gold plate – presumably for those who might have a blonde or senior moment and fleetingly forget who they were!  This trend was obviously fine for those with a commercially acceptable, traditional  names, but those with a more unusual name or different spelling suddenly found themselves fashion outcasts and had to be placated by the introduction of cosmic and emotional nameplates, such as  Angel , Dream, Believe and Love.

Then the trend subsided and my box of stunning, little chunky Sterling Silver letters remained largely untouched at the back of the warehouse.  Until now.

Now, thanks to Kim Kardashian (post baby bulge and sporting a new blonde hairdo) the trend for names around one’s neck is alive and kicking in LA and the UK.  Only now there’s a twist!  Now the game requires in-depth knowledge of celebrity sprogs because the new trend requires you to wear your child’s name around your neck.

So now you find me poised as I never have been before, because my fabulous box of chunky sterling silver letters is now very valuable.  On two counts.  Sterling Silver has more than doubled since I bought the letters.  And since the letters thread individually onto a snake chain, I can create names and nicknames to order  –  such as “NORI” the name both Kim and Kanye are wearing on matching necklaces in honour of their daughter.  North West.

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