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Don't take our word for it. Let 12 years of customer satisfaction say it for us.

I am very impressed by your customer service! You called my sister in law in the UK (I have her down for all my UK biz purchases as she has access to every thing in the UK). Not only did you call her to check, but you follow through with an email to me - I for sure will let you know when it arrives. I am in retail here in AZ and will happily place a review on your F/Book page or any other social media you may have - just let me know. Wishing you a great week! Marg Rodger

“Just opened up the parcel and it is amazing!!! When u see it in person it is a million percent better and the earrings are gorgeous!!! Thanks for the packaging also. U always do such a brill job!!!!!" Gurminder Chana


  • Crystal Pompadour Earrings Crystal Pompadour Earrings £18.99 Click to View
  • Chandelier Jet Earrings Chandelier Jet Earrings £24.99 Click to View
  • Chevron Diamond Clip Earrings Chevron Diamond Clip Earrings £15.99 Click to View
  • Rainbow Serenade Set Rainbow Serenade Set £39.99 Click to View
  • Florentina  Briliantina Brooch Florentina Briliantina Brooch £29.99 Click to View
  • Golden Helicopter Keyring Charm Golden Helicopter Keyring Charm £15.99 Click to View
  • Paradiso Pink Necklace Paradiso Pink Necklace £19.99 Click to View
  • Laybird Ladybird Brooch Laybird Ladybird Brooch £8.99 Click to View
  • The Summer Swallow The Summer Swallow £24.99 Click to view
  • Monty Python Handband Monty Python Handband £13.99 Click to View
  • Showstopper Set Showstopper Set £26.99 Click to View
  • Ruby Crystal Handband Ruby Crystal Handband £19.99 Click to View
  • Vanity Fair Set Vanity Fair Set £29.99 Click to View
  • Pearl Marquise Set Pearl Marquise Set £19.99 Click to View
  • Great Gatsby Buckle Brooch Great Gatsby Buckle Brooch £29.99 Click to View
  • Robbie Robot Key Ring Robbie Robot Key Ring £8.99 Click to View
  • Pink Phantasmagoria Brooch Pink Phantasmagoria Brooch £24.99 Click to View
  • Fuschia Crystal Rose Set Fuschia Crystal Rose Set £19.99 Click to View
  • Blush Crystal Rose Set Blush Crystal Rose Set £19.99 Click to View
  • Divinely Denim Set Divinely Denim Set £39.99 Click to View
  • Scandalous Earrings Scandalous Earrings £29.99 Click to View
  • Rainbow Orchid Earrings Rainbow Orchid Earrings £29.99 Click to View
  • Gold Cleo Necklace Gold Cleo Necklace £59.00 Click to View
  • Deco Pink Orchid Set Deco Pink Orchid Set £49.99 Click to View
  • Rainbow Warrior Bracelet Rainbow Warrior Bracelet £11.99 Click to View
  • Blue Zircon Egg Brooch/Pendant Blue Zircon Egg Brooch/Pendant £34.99 Click to View
  • Gltterati For Prom & Party! Gltterati For Prom & Party! £34.99 Click to View
  • Neon Pink Dali Sweetheart Pendant Neon Pink Dali Sweetheart Pendant £29.99 Click to View
  • Rhinestone Ring Stack Rhinestone Ring Stack £1.99 (per ring) Click to View

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Costume and Fashion Jewellery Online

Mad About Jewellery is a UK-based online supplier of stunning fashion and costume jewellery. Whether you like your jewellery big and bold or chic and subtle, you'll discover high fashion and classical necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets, toe rings, brooches - and lots more - in this easy-to-navigate costume jewellery store. Browsing through the sections, you'll notice that we specialise in Swarovski crystal jewellery. Having said that we've also got a fantastic selection of Freshwater and glass pearls, crystal, Sterling Silver, plus a highly collectible range of Navajo jewellery created in the Design Studios on the reservation in New Mexico. Likewise, if it's diamante - sometimes called rhinestone - jewellery you're looking for there's a mega selection of drop-dead-gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and earrings, plus our very popular ties, anklets, brooches and bra straps. And not forgetting the big, bold character-full animal and flower brooches we’re renowned for! Men and children are also catered for and there's a range of gifts and novelties perfect for every occasion!

To help you keep track of the changing fashion scene our exclusive Get the Look fashion feature highlights the latest trends and suggests appropriate costume jewellery to help you rock the look and stand out from the crowd.

People tell us they feel safe when they shop with Mad About Jewellery. Indeed, we're well-known for customer care and have countless "regulars" who come back time and time again because they know there's always something new to see and someone at the other end of the phone to offer advice and answer questions. What's more, if there's a piece of high fashion or classical costume jewellery you're searching for and you can't find it on our website, just give us a call and we'll source it for you. Alternatively we can get it designed and made for you. The number of our UK Office is 020 8444 4541 and we're open for business 24/7.